Littelfuse® POWR-GARD® L50S275 High Speed Traditional Very Fast Acting Semiconductor Fuse, 275 A, 500 VAC, 450 VDC, 20/200 kA, Cartridge/Round Body

Semiconductor Fuse
1047575 MFG #: L50S275
185.30000 / ea
Littelfuse® L50S series high speed fuses are designed to protect today's equipment and systems and are manufactured with Littelfuse® developed technology that sets tomorrow's standards for accuracy, consistent quality, reliability and predictable performance. Littelfuse® engineers have redefined high speed fuse technology by using advanced metallurgical, polymer and materials research, mathematical modeling and computerized statistical analysis.
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Protection of Semiconductors
Very-Fast Acting
Reliable interruption of all overcurrents meets present and future system requirements
Extremely current limiting - low i2t and peak let-through currents meet most semiconductor requirements
Low watt losses - means less heating and power consumption in circuit
Controlled transient overvoltages - all circuits are subject to transient overvoltages during fault current interruption
These transient overvoltages (arc voltages) start when fuse links melt or circuit breaker contacts part and subside when circuit is interrupted
Semiconductors are very sensitive to overvoltages
Littelfuse® semiconductor fuse designs keep transient overvoltages to low levels and help reduce semiconductor failure
May be used wherever extremely fast acting, current limiting fuses with no time delay are required
VAC 100 kA RMS VDC, 20 kA interrupt rating