Littelfuse® POWR-GARD® 1E8PT8.25 Current Limiting Medium Voltage Fuse, 1 A, 8250 VAC, 50 kA Interrupt, Class E

Medium Voltage Fuse
PDW~756937 MFG #: 1E8PT8.25
1141.42000 / ea
E-rated fuses have time current characteristics designed to provide current-limiting protection for power transformers, potential transformers, power centers, feeder centers, and unit sub stations. When properly applied, they can protect against high and low fault currents. NEMA Standards for E-rated medium voltage fuses require that fuses rated 100E or less open within 300 seconds (5 minutes) when subjected to an RMS value of 200-240 percent of the fuse continuous current rating; and fuses with an E rating larger than 100E must open within 600 seconds (10 minutes) when subjected to an RMS current of 220-240 percent of the fuse's continuous current rating. These values establish one point on the time current curve.
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Transformers, potential transformers, feeders, and motor circuits
Current Limiting
Potential transformer (PT) fuses are current limiting fuses with high interrupting ratings designed for the protection of potential transformers
When applying fuses for the protection of transformers, the magnetizing current in-rush must be considered
The characteristics of the in-rush, which can be matched with a fuse time current curve
1E size
50 kA (RMS Asymmetrical) Interrupt rating