Littelfuse® PMA-60 Retrofit Adapter Plate, Panel Mount, For Use With SE-601, PGR-4300, SE-701, SE-704 Relay, Panel Mount Adapter

Relay & Timer Miscellaneous Accessories
1086933 MFG #: PMA-60
146.95000 / ea
A variety of protection relay retrofit adapter plates are available for the products listed below. These adapter plates simplify the process of updating electromechanical or poorly functioning existing relays. Consult factory if you have a specific product to replace that is not featured. Adapters are available in either plate style for panel mounting or drawout style depending on the relay being replaced. Motor, feeder and ground fault protection upgrades are available for electromechanical or solid state relays that are nearing the end of their life.
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Fits in existing mounting holes and panel openings
IP53 and NEMA 3 rating