Littelfuse® PGR-8800-00 Standard Arc-Flash Relay

Arc Flash Relays
615796 MFG #: PGR-8800-00
4186.18000 / ea
The PGR-8800 is a UL and cUL Listed Arc-Flash Relay that reliably detects developing Arc-Flash incidents without nuisance tripping by looking for a combination of excess light and current. Phase-current-transformer inputs are provided for current-constrained arc-flash protection and, when so equipped, a programmable definite-time over current function can be enabled. An optical sensor on the PGR-8800 and adjustable trip level reduce the chance of nuisance tripping by setting a threshold for ambient light. Sensors, inputs, and connections are monitored to ensure fail-safe operation. A secondary solid-state trip circuit provides a redundant trip path. A USB port is used for configuration and access event logs and graphs.
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Adjustable trip setting
85 to 230 VAC/12 to 60 VDC input voltage