Littelfuse® MAX40 Maxi 299 Slow Blow Time Delay Automotive Fuse, 40 A, 32 VDC, 1 kA Interrupt

Automotive Fuse
627731 MFG #: MAX40
5.07000 / ea
MAXI Fuses are primarily used for under hood applications and are produced with a high temperature polymer and silver plated blades. They replace the commonly used fusible wire or fusible link to protect a high current segment or system of the wiring harness. Features Littelfuse designed industry standard color-coding to indicate amp rating.
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For under hood and automotive applications
360000 s at 100%, 60 to 1800 s at 135%, 2 to 60 s at 200%, 0.2 to 7 s at 350%, 0.04 to 1 s at 600% opening time