Littelfuse® LRU263R POWR-GARD® LRU Fuse Reducer, 250 VAC, 60 A, Class R, Copper Alloy

Fuse Parts or Accessories
8946 MFG #: LRU263R
17.40000 / ea
Littelfuse® POWR-GARD® Fuse Reducer, Series: LRU, 60 A, 250 VAC, Class: R, Copper Alloy
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Industrial Applications
Simple installation
Reduces inventory requirements
Silver brazed joints for maximum strength
60 A fuse clip
30 A fuse block
For use with FLNR_ID/FLSR_ID, IDSR, LLNRK/LLSRK and KLNR/KLSR series fuses
Littelfuse® fuse reducers allow smaller size fuses to be installed into existing fuse clips to prevent overfusing
Simple Installation