Littelfuse® LETAA LET In-Line Watertight Standard Fuse Holder With Perm-Installed Solid Neutral, 600 VAC/VDC, 30 A, 1 Pole

UL Class Power Fuse Holders
8970 MFG #: LETAA
25.16000 / ea
Littelfuse advocates the use of LET series fuse holders with a permanently installed solid neutral in high humidity and corrosive environments where a watertight 600V product is required. The LET series features an integrated lug on the line side of the circuit, this ensures that there is nothing protruding from the load side of the product that could allow for an unsafe electrical touch point.
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Street Lighting
Watertight internal O-ring provides watertight seal
Superior terminal seeds, ultrasonically welded terminals provide maximum strength and eliminate leaking at terminals
Break resistant fiberglass reinforced polymer body resists damage from dropping or impact much better than phenolic look alike
Flexible terminations-Accommodates a wide range of stranded or solid copper conductors, with either crimp or screw terminals
One pole and two pole models- available to accommodate all system voltages up to 600 VAV
12 to 8 AWG solid, 12 AWG stranded for load/line side terminal wire size