Littelfuse® LEBAASK LEB Watertight Fuse Holder, 600 VAC/VDC, 30 A, 12 to 8 AWG Wire, 1 Pole

In-Line Fuse Holders & Insulators
784258 MFG #: LEBAASK
52.57000 / ea
The Littelfuse 600 V in-line watertight fuse holders are the ideal answer for all high humidity and corrosive environments where fuses are required. available in both breakaway and non-breakaway, single and double pole versions, these fuse holders allow maximum flexibility for any application.
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Street Lighting
The fuse holders are designed to be touch-safe and flexible for use in a variety of applications
Design increases safety by facilitating individual device disconnection for easy servicing, eliminating shock risk
Increases efficiency by preventing faulted ballast from severely damaging fixture or device
Designed to meet IP67 touch-safe standards
Variety of terminations available for flexible design
Insulating boots available for harsh environments
Copper terminal
(1) 12 to 8 AWG and (2) 12 AWG load/line wire size
Comfort grip