Littelfuse® L15S250 Very Fast-Acting Semiconductor Fuse

Semiconductor Fuse
73612 MFG #: L15S250
37.09000 / ea
Designed to protect today's equipment and systems, Littelfuse® semiconductor fuses are manufactured with Littelfuse® developed technology that sets tomorrow's standards for accuracy, consistent quality, reliability and predictable performance. By using advanced metallurgical, polymer and materials research - mathematical modeling and computerized statistical analysis, Littelfuse® engineers have redefined "state-of-the-art".
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For supplementary protection of semiconducting devices such as silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRS), diodes, thyristors, triacs, transistors and similar solid state device applications
Extremely current-limiting
Low I2T and peak let-through currents
Low watts loss
Controlled transient over voltages
100 kA at 150 VAC/20 kA at 100 VDC interrupt rating
Very fast acting