Class L Fuses
970731 MFG #: KLPC1900
1318.05000 / ea
Fuses, Time Delay, Brand or Series: Class L, Power-Pro, Current Rating: 1900 Amp, Interrupting Rating: 200000 Amp AC RMS Symmetrical, 20000 Amp DC, Terminal Type: Bolt Mount, Dimensions: 3 1/2 Diameter x 10 3/4 Length Inch, Voltage Rating: 600 VAC/480 VDC
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Switchboard Mains
Eliminate unnecessary downtime
KLPC POWR-PRO™ series fuses time delay withstands system surges and keeps your circuits in service
Best protection for system components
Maximum current limitation means less equipment and system damage when short circuits occur, reduced damage means that electrical service can be restored quickly, reducing costly downtime and often permitting equipment repair rather than replacement
Coordinates with other system components
KLPC series fuses provide maximum coordination with fuses and circuit breakers both on the line and load side of the fuses
Eliminate need to oversize fuses
This may permit the use of smaller less expensive switches, and, since the lower rated fuses are more current limiting, equipment receives even better protection
200 kA at 600 VAC, 20 kA at 480 VDC interrupt rating