Littelfuse® KLDR01.8TXP POWR-GARD® KLDR Time Delay Fuse, 1.8 A, 600 VAC/300 VDC, 200/20 kA Interrupt, Class CC, Cartridge Body

Class CC Fuses
824122 MFG #: KLDR01.8TXP
20.12000 / ea
KLDR fuses are time-delay fuses designed to protect control transformers, solenoids and similar inductive componets with high magnetizing currents during the first half-cycle. They provide excellent protection of motor branch circuits containing IEC or NEMA rated motor controllers or contactors.
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Transformer Protection
Rejection feature prevents use of fuses with lower interrupting ratings or voltage ratings when used with corresponding fuse holders
Extremely current limiting reduces damage caused by heating and magnetic effects of short circuit currents
200 kA at 600 VAC, 20 kA at 300 VDC interrupt rating
Nickel plated bronze cap
12 sec minimum and 4 min maximum at 200%, 1 hr maximum at 135%, 15 min minimum at 110%