Littelfuse® KLC600 POWR-GARD® KLC Fast Acting High Speed Semiconductor Fuse, 600 A, 600 VAC, 200 kA Interrupt, Cartridge Body

Semiconductor Fuse
510435 MFG #: KLC600
373.64000 / ea
Littelfuse Semiconductor fuses are very fast acting fuses designed specifically for the protection of diodes, thyristors, triacs, and other solid state power semiconductor devices. These fuses are used in power electronic applications including variable speed drives, power rectifiers, UPS systems, and DC power supplies. They can be used wherever extremely fast acting, current-limiting fuses are needed to provide superior protection against the potentially damaging effects of short circuit currents, The extensive line of Littelfuse Semiconductor fuses includes the traditional round body fuses, enhanced state-of-the-art round body fuses, and North American style square body fuses. Available ratings range from 150 to 1300 volts and up to 6000 amps.
  • Applications
  • Features
Protection of Semiconductors
Very-Fast Acting
Extremely current-limiting
Low I2T and peak let-through currents
Low watts loss
High interrupting ratings
Superior cycling ability
Compact sizes
Very fast acting