Littelfuse® JLLN1200 POWR-GARD® JLLN Current Limiting Fast Acting Fuse, 1200 A, 300 VAC/125 VDC, 20/200 kA Interrupt, Class T

Class T Fuses
1214212 MFG #: JLLN1200
491.12000 / ea
Space saving POWR-GARD Class T fuses are the most compact fuses available in ratings above 30 amperes - less than one-third the size of comparable Class R fuses. When rated in accordance with the NEC, Class T fuses provide Fast-Acting overload and short circuit protection for non-inductive circuits and equipment. Used in inductive circuits, the ampere rating of Class T fuses must be increased to prevent opening on inrush currents. In such instances, Class T fuses may provide only short circuit protection.
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Variable Speed Drives
Extremely current- limiting compact design
Protection of individual electric services and meters
Used to provide compact protection for meter stacks
Current limiting design greatly reduces damage to equipment caused by heating and magnetic effects of short circuit currents
200 kA AC rms symmetrical and 20 kA DC interrupt rating
Copper caps
North American style