Littelfuse® IDSR040 POWR-GARD® Slo-Blo® IDSR Time Delay Fuse, 40 A, 600 VAC/VDC, 200/20 kA Interrupt, Class RK5, Cartridge Body

Class RK5 Fuses
8957 MFG #: IDSR040
23.98000 / ea
The Littelfuse IDSR indicator fuse is the first indicating power fuse ever. Its solid-state design provides state-of-the-art reliability, it will forever change the way you look at modern circuit protection. Mone is wasted each time a circuit opens and halts production. Thousands of dollars can be lost with every minute spent testing to discover the cause. The Littelfuse IDSR indicator fuse offers you a better way. Just a simple glance a the IDSR Indicators window tells which circuit is open. The circuit can be tested and any problem corrected without unnecessary delay. No time wasted finding the faulted circuit. No system damage. And no costly down time.
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electronic equipment & appliances
Patented design fuses
Pinpoint open fuses immediately
Reduce down time
Superior time delay
200/300 kA rms symmetrical self certified
Bronze caps