Littelfuse® FLNR100 POWR-GARD® FLNR Current Limiting Time Delay Fuse, 100 A, 250 VAC/125 VDC, 200/20 kA Interrupt, Class RK5

Class RK5 Fuses
9193 MFG #: FLNR100
28.32000 / ea
Littelfuse FLNR series fuses have been the superior UL Class RK5 dual-element time-delay fuses, and are the most widely used class of fuses. FLNR series fuses provide excellent protection for all types of circuits especially those containing motors. However, users and specifiers should consider the significant benefits offered by Indicator fuses.
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General Purpose
Reliable interruption of all over currents up to 200 kA
Faster acting short circuit protection than any non-current limiting mechanical protective device
Accurate and reliable - automated, precision manufactured and assembled parts ensure accurate, consistent response to overloads and short circuits
300 kA rms symmetrical self certified
Copper caps
High-grade silica filler ensures fast arc quenching and high current limitation
Ferrule connection
Copper Contact
Direct Replacement For Mars 81047, Bussmann ECNR100 FRN-R100, Mersen TR100R