Littelfuse® FLNR035ID POWR-GARD® FLNR Current Limiting Time Delay Fuse, 35 A, 250 VAC/125 VDC, 200/20 kA Interrupt, Class RK5

Class RK5 Fuses
8972 MFG #: FLNR035ID
13.53000 / ea
Littelfuse FLNR series fuses have been the superior UL Class RK5 dual-element time-delay fuses, and are the most widely used class of fuses. FLNR series fuses provide excellent protection for all types of circuits especially those containing motors. However, users and specifiers should consider the significant benefits offered by Indicator fuses.
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General Purpose
Reduce down time - A glance at the indicating window of a FLNR indicator fuse pinpoints open fuses immediately
If the window is dark, the fuse has opened, it's that simple
No fuse testing required
Machine operators can immediately determine that there is an open fuse and request maintenance personnel to bring the proper replacement
Reduce nuisance opening - FLNR indicator fuses have superior time delay and cycling characteristics which can lengthen fuse life and decrease needless opening
Reduce fuse inventory - Because FLNR indicator fuses have superior performance characteristics they can be used on a variety of applications, thus decreasing fuse inventory
Reduce equipment damage - FLNR indicator fuses have superior overload and short circuit protection which can reduce equipment damage
Reduce accidents - The FLNR indicator fuses improve safety by minimizing exposure to live circuits
Unlike other forms of blown fuse indication, indicator fuses provide built-in blown fuse indication with the power on or off
No second guessing whether a light means a good or bad fuse and no current going across a blown fuse to power a lighted accessory