Littelfuse® 3122.25P 312 Fast Acting Fuse, 2.25 A, 250 VAC, 100 A Interrupt, Class RK1, Cylindrical Body

Power Fuse
PDW~3267348 MFG #: 3122.25P
1.74000 / ea
For over 85 years Littelfuse has been providing fuses to the electrical market. You can continue to count on our manufacturing and supply chain processes to deliver high quality fuses when you need them. At Littelfuse we leverage our global reach to stay on top of the latest applications and standards. Whether your circuit protection needs are focused on OEM, MRO, or construction, we are committed to being your circuit protection partner and appreciate your business.
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All general purpose circuits
Used as supplementary protection in appliance or utilization equipment to provide individual protection for components or internal circuits
Glass body, nickel plated brass end cap
7.2 nominal melting I2 t AC
-55 to 125 deg C operating temperature
4 hrs minimum at 1 1 hr maximum at 1.35 5 seconds maximum, 10 seconds maximum, 20 seconds maximum at 200%
10 kA at 125 VAC interrupting rating
Glass body, nickel plated brass end cap
Lead free
Size 3AG