Lithonia Lighting® NCM6RJB Sensor Switch® Ceiling Mount Occupancy & Daylight Sensor

Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors
1182180 MFG #: NCM 6 RJB
202.18000 / ea
The nCM xx RJB family of nLight ceiling/surface mount occupancy sensors provide a range of networked sensor solutions for applications with finished ceilings (e.g. ceiling tiles, sheetrock, plaster). nCM xx RJB family sensors utilize 100% digital Passive Infrared (PIR) detection and are available with several lens options, providing flexibility for multiple mounting height and coverage pattern requirements. Dual technology occupancy detection can also be added as an option for applications where occupants are stationary for long periods of time. All sensors have integrated on/off photocells as a standard feature, with automatic daylight harvesting/dimming control as an available option. Additionally, nCM xx RJB family sensors are also available with an optional auxiliary low voltage relay for simple integration with a BMS system or other building system.
  • Applications
  • Features
Auditorium, Entertainment/Theatrical, Foyer, Gymnasium, Loading Dock, Manufacturing, Retail, Warehouse/Storage
100% digital PIR detection
LED status indicator
Adjustable settings (e.g. occupancy time delays, photocell set-points) via push-button or SensorView software application
Broadcasts occupancy and photocell information over a local nLight channel
Remotely upgradeable firmware