Lithonia Lighting® IBZ-T8-6-WD I-BEAM® IBZ Wide Distribution High Bay Fixture, 6 Fluorescent Lamp, 120/277 VAC

Indoor High Bay Fixtures
871041 MFG #: IBZT8 6 WD
Lithonia Lighting®
271.31000 / ea
The I-BEAM® IBZ is an energy-saving fluorescent high bay solution that is an ideal one-for-one replacement of common metal halide high bay systems. Its configurable design supports many options and accessories that would satisfy almost any high bay application. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic.
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Gymnasium, Manufacturing, Warehouse/Storage
The I-BEAM fluorescent high bay is an ideal one-for-one replacement of common metal halide high bay systems. Applications include manufacturing, warehousing, commericial facilities and retail. Thefluorescent I-BEAM fixture performs at mounting heights from 15'-40'. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic. Click here for Acrylic Environmental Compatibility table for suitable uses.
The I-BEAM® IBZ fluorescent high bay is ideal for new construction and renovation projects
It is a one for one replacement of common metal halide high bay systems
The IBZ fixture performs well at mounting heights from 15 to 40 ft
The highly configurable design of the IBZ high bay allows for a multitude of fixture options that can either be factory or field installed
In addition to the reliable operation of IBZ fixtures, the reflectors tightly control the distribution of light and effectively manage lamp heat to increase the overall efficiency
Installation is made quick and easy with IBZ hanging accessories such as the aircraft cable and single-point mounting bracket
IBZ fixtures can be factory wired to have both sensors and cord sets, further reducing installation time
The configurability, performance and ease of installation make IBZ fixtures the preferred choice for fluorescent high bay lighting
Channel is formed of heavy duty code gauge steel to stand up to the most demanding elements
Lamp holder assembly protects from incidental damage or movement of sockets during handling and installation
Sockets include secure positioning rotating collars with enclosed contacts, access plate on the back of the channel housing allows quick and easy wiring
Access plate on the back of channel housing allows for quick and easy wiring
Channel is high gloss white baked enamel, five-stage iron phosphate pretreatment ensures superior paint adhesion and rust resistance
Thermally protected, resetting, class P, HPF, a sound rated electronic ballast
AWM, TFM or THHN wire used throughout rated for required temperature ranges, ballast disconnect (BDP) is standard unless EL14 or cordset is requested
Suitable for suspension by chain, cable, surface mounting bracket, hook monopoint or single (pendant) monopoint installation