Lithonia Lighting® IBH Medium Distribution High Bay Fixture, Static LED Lamp, 221 W Fixture, 120/277 VAC

Indoor High Bay Fixtures
857230 MFG #: IBH 24L MVOLT
Lithonia Lighting®
259.11000 / ea
This is a Contractor Select classified stock product. Contractor Select includes the most popular and competitive stocked product from Lithonia Lighting.
  • Features
Die formed aluminum alloy chassis with integrated fins for superior cooling through natural convection
Housing is rigidly designed to resist twisting and bowing
Medium distribution to meet both horizontal and vertical light level requirements
Option for redundancy in drivers with multiple series circuits connected to each driver to avoid complete loss of illumination
Easy installation compact modular fixture attaches onto existing Champ® mounting module
Energy-efficient technology up to 64% energy-saving over HID fixtures
Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances
Shock and vibration-resistant solid state luminaires have no filaments or glass components that could break greatly reduces the risk of premature failure
Full cut-off with no wasted light above the fixture
-40 to 65 deg C operating ambient temperature