Liquatite® 80124 Type EF Liquidtight Flexible Conduit, 3/4 in Trade, 0.82 to 0.84 in ID x 1.03 to 1.05 in OD, 500 ft L

Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit(LFMC)
190613 MFG #: EF12-GRY-3/4-1000FT
107.30000 / ft
This non-UL flexible liquidtight conduit is a competitive grade version of our type LT designed for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration and bending. It offers good mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed conductors.
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Industrial Environments, Machine Tools, Wet and Oily Locations
The flexible inner core is constructed from a helically formed strip of corrosion resistant steel
A liquidtight PVC jacket is then extruded over the core