• Features
Corrosion-resistant electroless nickel-coated brass blades, contacts, terminal screws and wiring clamps, and stainless steel assembly screws make these devices ideal for use in wet and corrosive environments
EPTR rubber part provides outstanding resistance to wet and damp environments, extreme temperature variations, water, acids, alkalis, grease, oils and many automotive and industrial lubricants and solvents
Connector husk is molded to a bondable nylon body, providing a device that withstands physical abuse
Interlocking "tongue and groove" construction seals out water, moisture and dirt when plugs are mated with connectors
Multi-point sealing system utilizes nut, strain relief washer and rubber bushing to form a watertight cord grip seal
Non-magnetic stainless steel fast-threading assembly screws wont interfere with sensitive equipment
Connector "hood" closure cap seals device when not in use
1 phase
16 - 10 AWG terminal accommodation
Cable mounting
UL 94-V2 flammability rating
SO, ST, STO, SOO cords