Leviton® VerifEye™ 3500 3-Phase 3 or 4-Wire Indoor Modbus Meter Kit, 208 to 480/177 to 552 VAC, 800 A, LCD Display

Monitoring Meter Assemblies
1051888 MFG #: 3KUMT-8M
1649.95000 / ea
Provides highly accurate, multi-functional smart metering solutions for seamless integration into advanced building control management systems. The series 3300 & 3500 meters feature advanced communication protocols to enable tracking, monitoring and verification of real time energy use and easy building management system integration. Series 3300 communicates via Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP over RS-485 and Ethernet enabled series 3500 features Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet IP. Both meters deliver universal voltage performance, offer standard isolated pulse outputs, and easily integrate with building management systems. These multi-function meters are ideal for typical 3-phase, 3-wire (Delta) and 3-phase, 4-wire (WYE) circuit applications. Both models feature time of use (TOU) readings and a user-friendly LCD display which provides quick, easy visualization of power status and signal strength as well as kVA, kV, PF and per phase voltage measurements. Their seamless integration with Leviton® energy manager and BillSuite software, as well as utility company gas, steam and water meters provides a comprehensive system for implementing facility-wide energy management and cost reduction programs.
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Commercial, Load Profiling, Benchmarking, Usage Aggregation, Tenant Cost Allocation, Measurement, Verification, Energy Conservation, Cost Reduction, Green Building Initiatives, Government Mandates and Indoor Applications
Integrates easily with building management systems
Highly accurate revenue grade 0.5% accuracy class
Delivers universal voltage performance
Utilizes split and solid core current transformers that are certified to all revenue grade accuracy standards
Up to three sets of current transformers per phase can be paralleled per meter
Use with split core or solid core current transformers, installation diagnostics
Installation diagnostics, low voltage detection
Real time clock with battery backup for TOU reading
-20 to 50 deg C display temperature
18 to 14 AWG terminal accommodation
Revenue grade accuracy 0.5% accuracy class
Revenue Grade Accuracy 0.5 % Accuracy Class, Up to Three Sets of CTs Paralleled with No Multipliers, Use with Split Core or Solid Core CTs, Installation Diagnostics, Low Voltage Detection, Real Time Clock with Battery Back Up for to U Reading, Load Profil