Leviton® Provolt™ ODC15-IDW Line Voltage Self-Adjusting Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, 120/230/277 VAC, Passive Infrared Sensor

Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors
664116 MFG #: ODC15-IDW
130.66000 / ea
Leviton® Provolt™ Occupancy Sensor, 120 to 277 VAC, PIR Sensor, 1500 sq-ft Coverage, 360 deg Viewing, 30 s to 30 min Time Delay, LED Lamp, 50/60 Hz Response, Wired Connection, Manual On/Automatic Off/Automatic On/Automatic Off Control Output, Ceiling Mounting, 32 to 104 deg F, White, 4.81 in Dia x 2.39 in H
  • Features
Uses industry exclusive digital (4 element) PIR circuitry for fewer false triggers from unwanted sources such as HVAC systems
A fresnel lens establishes dozens of detection zones requiring the heat source to move from one zone to another to trigger the sensor
Auto-adapting, time delay and sensitivity are continually adjusted to occupancy pattern of use
Configurable for manual- on/auto-off or auto-on/auto-off
Vacancy sensing time outs, delayed-off timer the sensor will turn lights-off if no motion is detected after a specified time
Exclusive walk-through feature provides increased energy savings by not leaving the lights on for an extended period after only momentary occupancy
False detection timer, (M/T) the PIR scans for movement and shuts lights-off after 31 min preventing false triggers from HVAC systems
Output short circuit protection
Industry exclusive self-configuring local manual switch input: momentary or maintained switches are supported
Presentation mode feature for slide or film
Test mode for simplified commissioning
Manual switch and emergency override are class 1 and class 2 circuits, class 2 circuits provided for flexibility
Industry exclusive "fail-safe" circuitry in the event of product failure, return-to-closed feature causes the relay to default ON which eliminates life safety concerns
8 A electronic ballast, 800 W/VA tungsten, 800 VA ballast 1/4 hp motor at 120 VAC 50/60 Hz, 6A/6AX electronic ballast, magnetic ballast, tungsten 1/3 hp motor at 230 VAC 50 Hz, 5A electronic ballast 1200 VA ballast, 1/3 hp motor at 277 VAC 50/60 Hz
-26 to 71 deg C storage temperature
0 to 95% relative humidity
High-density lens installed
Mid-range lens included
Electronics ballast lamp type