Leviton® OSC20-M0W Low Voltage Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors, 24 VAC, Multi-Technology (PIR/Ultrasonic) Sensor

Occupant Sensor
200914 MFG #: OSC20-M0W
126.49000 / ea
Passive infrared (PIR) is an excellent and precise technology for initially turning the lights-on, but lacks sensitivity for minor motion at distances. Ultrasonic (U/S) technology provides maximum sensitivity with continuous reflective high frequency waves. This is optimal for keeping the lights ON. Leviton's multi-technology sensor combines the benefits of both PIR and U/S technologies for unrivaled performance and reliability.
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Cafeterias, Classrooms, Computer Rooms, Conference Rooms, Day Care Centers, Filing Rooms, Workspaces, Open Warehouses, Offices With Cubicles, Open Areas, Restrooms, Stairwells, Storage Rooms, Executive, Open and Private Offices
Self adjusting: internal microprocessor continually analyzes, evaluates and adjusts the sensitivity and time delay, performance is kept at a maximum and user complaints are eliminated
Custom off-white color matched for shaded ceilings
Fast, simple installation: easy ceiling mount, three wire connection (low voltage) and twist-lock sensor attachment for 360 deg rotation and flexibility
Maximum reliability, low cost: digital circuitry uses a minimum of components
Small motion sensitivity: the ultrasonic technology provides excellent small motion sensitivity
Non-volatile memory: learned and adjusted settings saved in protected memory are not lost during power outages
Walk-through: provides increased energy savings by decreasing the time delay to 2.5min when someone momentarily walks through the monitored space
Ambient light recognition: a light sensor prevents lights from turning on when the room is adequately lit by natural light
Ultrasonic (U/S) components: one or two U/S transducers and one or two narrow bandwidth receivers each 16mm in diameter
0 - 95 percent non-condensing, for indoor use only relative humidity
High-impact plastic material
5-Year Limited Warranty, Small Size, Accurate, Consistent Switching