Leviton ODD10-IDW Smart Sensor, PIR, Antimicrobial, 0-10V Dimming Wallbox Occupancy Sensor/Vacancy Sensor, App configurable, 120-277VAC, Commercial Grade, White

Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors
1188758 MFG #: ODD10-IDW
109.33000 / ea
The Leviton Dimming Smart Sensor is designed for use with 0-10V ballasts. Lighting levels can be adjusted using the dimming bar next to the switch. The ODD10-IDx uses Passive Infrared (PIR) detection technology to monitor a room for occupancy using a segmented, tamper resistant lens. When a person passes in or out of a sensor zone, the sensor detects motion and switches the lights ON. The lights will remain ON as long as an occupant moves through the sensor zones and after the timeout expires. The ODD10-IDx features a vacancy mode for Manual-ON/Auto-OFF operation, ideal for installations where manual-ON switching is required for energy code applications.
  • Features
Can be used to comply with IECC, ASHRAE 90.1, and 2019 Title 24, Part 6 occupancy/vacancy sensing and dimming requirements
Fits in a standard wallbox and gangable with other units
ODD24-IDW is designed for use with a power pack (OPP20 or OSA20) or other Leviton low voltage (24V) source
180° field-of-view provides approximately 1,100 square feet of coverage
Maximum sensing distance in front of the sensor is 30-40 feet and 15-20 feet on either side
Advanced configuration can be performed using the Leviton Smart Sensor App on any Bluetooth enabled Android or iOS device
Set a security code to lock configuration settings