Class RK1 Fuses
369036 MFG #: LPN-RK-1/2SP
17.60000 / ea
Ultimate protection Class RK1 dual element, current- limiting time-delay fuses available with optional open fuse indication. Time-delay - 10 seconds (minimum) at 500% of rated current (8 seconds for 0 - 30 A sizes).
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Indicating, High in-rush current motor protection
Fast short circuit protection and dual element, time delay performance provide ultimate protection
Insulated endcaps reduces exposure to live parts and extends air gap to distance between blades of adjacent mounted fuses or to housing
Current limitation protects downstream components against damaging thermal and magnetic effects of short circuit currents
Reduces existing fuse inventory by up to 33% when upgrading to Low-Peak® fuses
Consistent 2:1 ampacity ratios for all Low-Peak® fuses make selective coordination easy
Time delay that permits 130% FLA sizing for back up motor protection
Inventory consolidation of class RK1, RK5 and H fuses for reduced SKU investment and minimizing potential for misapplying fuse
Separate overload and short circuit elements provide time delay for close sizing of high inrush loads linked with RK1 current limitation and selective coordination ratio of 2:1 (within Low-Peak® fuse family) prevents widespread blackouts
Protects against 1-phase motor damage
Proper sizing can provide "No Damage" type 2 coordinated protection for NEMA® and IEC® motor controllers