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Heavy Duty Industrial Shrouded Watertight
Shrouded Watertight Construction
UL type 4X environmental seal while in use and when closed
High impact, thermoplastic housing for heavy duty industrial environments
Alignment arrows with lock and unlock symbols provide a visual indication that devices are properly connected
Catalog number and color coded voltage rating are easily visible even when in use
5-wire grounding
302/304 stainless steel cover spring
Gray Valox® housing and flange material
302/304 stainless steel cover hinge pin
Closed cell neoprene foam lid and flange gasket material
Steel rivet material
0.031 in brass ground contact
302/304 multi-drive stainless steel mounting screw
3-phase, star connection 120/208 VAC
0.031 in brass spring binding plate
0.031 in brass contact spring
Impact modified PBT housing
Natural white nylon body contact carrier material
30 A 10 AWG terminal accommodation
2000 VAC minimum dielectric voltage withstand
Certified for current interrupting at full rated current