Intermatic® EK4536 Side Turn-Lock Photocontrol, 105 to 305 VAC, 1800 VA Tungsten, 1000 W Ballast, Twist-Lock Mount

745362 MFG #: EK4536
22.72000 / ea
Intermatic® Turn-Lock Photocontrol, Side, Multi Fixture, 105 to 305 VAC, 6 A, 50/60 Hz, 1800 VA Tungsten, 1000 W Ballast, 510 J Arrester, 2 to 5 sec, Solid State Photo Sensor, 1.5 FC (ON)/2.25 FC (OFF), NEMA 410, Environmental Conditions: -40 to 70 deg F Operating Temperature, 10000 Operating Cycles, Twist-Lock Mount, Polypropylene, White, 2.97 in Dia x 2.721 in H
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Dusk to Dawn Lighting Control, Exterior Lighting, Street Lighting, Parking Lot, Pedestrian Pathway and Landscape Lighting Applications
Non-drift silicon light sensor with IR filter
DC relay with zero crossing circuitry for extended life
15 years design life
Conformal coated PCB
Exceeds 10000 ON/OFF switching cycles
510 J MOV surge protection
Long life, electronic photocell, zero cross technology, LED fixtures totaling 1650 W at 277 VAC
Features: Long Life, Electronic Photocell, Zero-cross technology, LED Fixtures Totaling 1650 W 277 VAC, Fail mode: ON