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Dusk to Dawn Lighting Control
Features: Long Life, Electronic Photocell, Zero-cross technology, LED Fixtures Totaling 1650 W @ 277 VAC, Fail mode: ON, Side Lens, UV Stabilized
<0.5 W power consumption at 277 VAC poW power consumptioner consumption
Electronic control source
Long life, electronic photocell, zero-cross technology
LED fixtures totaling 1650 W at 277 VAC, fail mode: ON, side lens, uv stabilized
Employs electronic components exclusively selected to meet extended life targets
Conformal coated PCB assemblies for long term
Dusk-to-dawn control of outdoor lighting, floodlights and security lighting
Non-drifting silicon light sensor IR filtered for human eye response
Zero-cross technology helps device withstand severe inrush current and extend relay life
255 Joule MOV surge protection component
6 in lead wire