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Mod Plug Terminating of UTP 24 AWG Cat 6
Features: Supports CAT 6; Unique Three-Piece Design Provides Easy Installation And Optimal Performance; Crimps With A Standard RJ-45 Crimp Die; 50 Micron Gold Contacts, 8-Position, 8-Contact; Suitable For Solid Or Stranded Conductors; Suitable For 22-23 AWG Conductors; Position: 8
8 position, 8 contact RJ-45 modular plug for CAT6, 100 ohm balanced twisted pair 250 MHz cables
50 micron gold plating on contact mating area for long term reliability in connectivity, even after hundreds of mating cycles
Complies with industry standard mechanical and electrical specifications for compatibility with compliant modular jacks and ports
Designed to work seamlessly with IDEAL® Telemaster™ crimping tools
Also compatible with industry standard modular plug crimping tools meeting specifications
Three prong contact design for use with solid or stranded 23 to 24 AWG insulated copper conductors