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Mod Plug Terminating of UTP 24 AWG Cat 5 or 5E
Features: All Plugs Are Manufactured To Comply With FCC 86 Guidelines And are UL listed; IDEAL Modular Plugs Are Capable Of Supporting The Latest EIA/TIA Cable System Performance Categories When Installed In Compliance With Appropriate EIA/TIA Standards And Methods; The Position And Contact Configurations Cover The Popular Styles; Includes plugs for Round Cable With Solid Conductors And Plugs For Flat Cable And Stranded Conductors; All Plugs Work With 24 AWG Solid Or Stranded Conductors And Round Or Flat Cables; Position: 8
Plugs for use with Cat 5e or Cat3 twisted pair or flat satin cable
Cat 5e plugs are plated with 50 u-in of gold for superior resistance to corrosion and increased life cycle mating with modular jacks
Smooth polished contact surfaces for lower contact resistance with jack pins
Plugs work with 24 AWG solid or stranded conductors and round or flat cables
Plugs comply with FCC 86 guidelines and are UL Listed
Plugs are capable of supporting the latest EIA/TIA cable system performance categories when installed in compliance with appropriate EIA/TIA standards and methods
All Cat 5e RJ45 and RJ11/12 plugs are compatible with the 30-696, 30-496, 33-700 and 33-396 crimp tools, also compatible with the Crimpmaster™ 30-522 (RJ45
Plugs are compatible with industry standard, quality manufactured crimp tools
For Cat6 connectors