Ideal® 44-103 Pre-Printed Wire Marker Book, 1-1/2 in L x 1/4 in W, Black, Plastic Impregnated Cloth

Wire Marker Book
23389 MFG #: 44-103
27.08000 / ea
IDEAL® Wire Marker Book, Pre-Printed, 1-1/2 in Length, 1/4 in Width, 1 - 45 Legend, Black, Plastic Impregnated Cloth
  • Applications
  • Features
Ground Wire and Cable
Convenient pocket size booklets
Plastic impregnated cloth construction for long lasting durability
Perforated 1-1/2 in markers can be separated into half length size
Self-sticking on wire and cable
Non Smear black legend ensures high visibility
Ten pages per booklet, 10 markers per legend
Can be separated into half-length sizes
-40 to 180 deg F temperature range
45 oz/in width ultimate adhesion
Features: Convenient Pocket-Size Booklets; Plastic-Impregnated Cloth Construction For Long-Lasting Durability; Resists Abrasion, Moisture, Dirt And Oil; Perforated 1-1/2 IN Markers Can Be Separated Into Half-Length Sizes; Self-Sticking On Wire And Cable;