Ideal® 30-641 Twister® 341 Flame Retardant Twist-On Wire Connector, Swept Wing and Ribbed Shell, Live Action/Square Wire Spring

Ideal Wire Connectors Campaign
23232 MFG #: 30-641
193.83000 / ea
Twister® Wire Connectors have earned a solid reputation as the most technically advanced wire connector available. These superior wire connectors are designed from top to bottom with features to provide more comfort and less fatigue to professional electricians. With swept wings and an expanding, live-action spring, the Twister® supports a wide range of common wiring configurations with comfort and ease, even on the toughest combinations like solid-to-stranded. The copolymer shell expands for smooth, progressive tightening ensuring dependable connections.
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Insulating or Joining 1 or more conductors
Features: Exceptional Wire-Range Capacity Three Models Handle Wire Combinations From As Small As 22 AWG To As Large As 6 AWG; Ribbed Cap Provides A Secure Grip And Fast Fingertip Starts; Swept Wings Offer Extra Leverage And Less Effort For Large Wire Comb
Swept wings offer more comfort, extra leverage and less effort for large wire combinations
Expanding square-wire spring supports a wide range of common wiring configurations
Durable copolymer shell expands for smooth, progressive tightening that provides dependable connections
Hexagonal top with ribbed cap allows for quick fingertip start as well as use of standard 5/16 in. nutdriver for fast installation
Quick take-up on even the toughest combinations, including solid-to-stranded
Live-action, square-wire spring locks onto wire for safe, secure connections
Ribbed cap provides a secure grip and fast fingertip starts
1000 V maximum in fixtures and signs
Deep skirt helps protect against flash-over and turned-back strands for maximum dielectric protection
Exceptional wire-range capacity
1 - 6 conductors, (3) 22 AWG - (3) 10 AWG wire combinations