Ideal® 30-171 Wire-Nut® 71B Flame Retardant Twist-On Wire Connector, Fixed/Square Wire Spring, 22 to 16 AWG

Twist On Wire Connector
23185 MFG #: 30-171
84.28000 / ea
Wire-Nut® is perfect to twist-on with fingers for a secure connection that will last. The refined wire range makes it the best choice for fine stranded wire applications. The Wire-Nut® also features a tough, flame-retardant thermoplastic shell that withstands environmental extremes and is reusable for easy circuit changes and addition.
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For insulating or joining one or more conductors
Fixed, square wire spring creates its own threads maintains a secure positive grip that will not relax over time
No pre-twisting required, positive grip design provides fast and easy installation
Deep skirt helps protect against flash over and turned back strands for maximum dielectric protection
Reusable for easy circuit changes and additions
For tough environmental conditions
5 color coded models
1 - 5 conductors, (2) 22 AWG - (2) 16 AWG wire combinations
Features: Fixed, Square-Wire Spring Creates Its Own Threads Maintains A Secure Positive Grip That Will Not Relax Over Time; No Pre-Twisting Required Positive Grip Design Provides Fast, Easy Installation; Deep Skirt Helps Protect Against Flash-Over; Reusab