Ideal® 30-072 Wire-Nut® 72B Flame Retardant Twist-On Wire Connector, Fixed/Square Wire Spring, 22 to 14 AWG

Twist On Wire Connector
23177 MFG #: 30-072
133.84000 / ea
Wire-Nut® is perfect to twist-on with fingers for a secure connection that will last. The refined wire range makes it the best choice for fine stranded wire applications. The Wire-Nut® also features a tough, flame-retardant thermoplastic shell that withstands environmental extremes and is reusable for easy circuit changes and addition.
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For Insulating or Joining One or More Conductors
Fixed, square-wire spring creates its own threads maintains a secure positive grip that will not relax over time
No pre-twisting required-positive grip design provides fast, easy installation
Deep skirt helps protect against flash-over
Reusable for easy circuit changes and additions
For tough environmental conditions
5 color coded models
1 - 5 conductors, (2) 22 AWG - (3) 16 AWG wire combinations
Features: Fixed, Square-Wire Spring Creates Its Own Threads Maintains A Secure Positive Grip That Will Not Relax Over Time; No Pre-Twisting Required Positive Grip Design Provides Fast, Easy Installation; Deep Skirt Helps Protect Against Flash-Over; Reusab