IDEC RH3B-UAC120V RH Series Compact Standard Power Relay, 10 A, 3PDT Contact Form, 120 VAC Coil

Power Relays
29574 MFG #: RH3B-UAC120V
15.25000 / ea
Featuring the same contact ratings as the larger RR series, the RH series uses silver cadmium oxide contacts to help reduce voltage arcing. Available in 1 to 4 poles, with either 0.187 in blade plug-in or PCB terminals, the RH series is known for going the distance. Options include manual check buttons, LED indicators and top flange covers for direct surface mounting. All models carry worldwide approvals including UL, CSA, TUV and CE. Using a standard terminal arrangement, the RH series will plug into many competitors' sockets. In fact, since we private label sockets for so many companies, there is a good chance that the socket you are using was designed specifically for RH series relays.
  • Features
Miniature power relays with a large capacity
10 A contact capacity
Compact size saves space
Silver cadmium oxide contact
50 mOhm maximum contact resistance
45 to 85% non-condensation relative humidity
25 ms maximum operating/release time
200000 operation electrical life
5000000 operation mechanical life