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Heavy Duty Industrial
Auto Ejects Improperly Made Connection
Withstands 2000 VAC dielectric voltage
10 to 8 AWG wire
14 to 12 AWG stranded copper wire terminal accommodation
Maximum 30 deg C temperature rise at full rated current after 50 cycles of overload at 150% of rated current at a power factor of 75% temperature rise
Black thermoset blade holder
Glass reinforced PET cord clamp
Brass blade
Copper lug terminals with steel set screws terminal screw, ground screw
Stainless steel, multi-drive cord clamp screw, body holding screw
10 to 6 AWG stranded copper wire terminal accommodation
Insulated non-metallic housing enhances safety and abuse resistance
Box terminals in conjunction with screws with pressure pads provide maximum termination strength and dependability
3-piece clamp assembly provides maximum strain relief and protects against entry of moisture and dust
Molded-in male contacts are resistant to damage and provide a consistently positive connection
Indoor dry unless protected by additional means