Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems HBL430C7W Female Insulated Watertight Pin and Sleeve Connector, 480 VAC, 30 A, 3 Poles, 4 Wires, Red

Pin & Sleeve Connectors
26994 MFG #: HBL430C7W
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
486.51000 / ea
The IEC line of plugs and connectors are made with a rugged super tough, one-piece Housing. The thermoset polyester contact carrier provides a high resistance to electrical tracking. They withstand higher temperatures which may result from overload or arcing. The heavy duty, external cord grip provides superior strain relief on the conductors. Hubbell™s horsepower rated plugs and receptacles meet NEC 430.109(F) requirements and recognizes as an approved disconnecting/"line of sight disconnecting means.
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High Ampacity Connections
Self-closing gasketed cover
Super tough insulated non-metallic housing
Watertight neoprene glad seal to prevent water ingress from entering at cable entrance
Sequential contact engagement to prevent a momentary over-voltage
Multi-contact spring provides and maintains high unit pressure on mating pins to minimize temperature rise
Solid neoprene gaskets and glands
Reinforced thermoplastic polyester covers and cord clamps