Dongan HC-0100-41 100VA 240X480 120

Power Transformers
PDW~962179 MFG #: HC-0100-41
53.00000 / ea
Dongan; Transformer; Industrial Control, Series HC; Input Voltage: 240 X 480, 230 X 460, 220 X 440 VAC; Output Voltage: 120/115/110 VAC; Frequency Rating: 50/60 HZ; Maximum Input Current: 0.42/0.21 AMP At 240/480 V; Maximum Output Current: 0.83 AMP; Width: 3 IN; Insulation: UL Class 180 DEG C Insulation System; Mounting: 2.870 IN X 2.500 IN Bolt Hole Distance, 0.203 IN X 0.375 IN Bolt Hole; Height: 5.62 IN; Secondary Fuse Kit: Included; Primary Fuse Kit: FKP2; Depth: 3.25 IN; Secondary Fuse Size: 1; Kva Rating: 0.1 KVA; Temperature Rise: 55 DEG C Temperature Rise At A Maximum Ambient Of 40 DEG C; Winding: Copper
  • Features
Features: UL Listed, File E3210; CSA Certified, File LR 560; All Copper Windings; All Designs Are Rated 50/60 HZ; Rugged Coil Mounted Screw Terminals; Primary Fuse Blocks And Secondary Fuse Holders Are Available And Are Easily Installed; Regulation Characteristics Equal Or Exceed The Highest Industry Standards; Transformers 1.0 KVA And Above Are Designed With A UL Class 180 ° C Insulation System With 115 ° C Temperature Rise At A Maximum Ambient Of 40 ° C; Nonstandard Designs Are Available By Consulting The Factory Or Your Dongan Representative; Primary Fuse Kit: BR-734-6; Secondary Fuse Kit: 265 B; Secondary Fuse Size: 9 At 120 V; Depth: 4.38 IN; Kva Rating: 1 KVA; Temperature Rise: 115 ° C Temperature Rise At A Maximum Ambient Of 40 ° C; Winding: Copper