Chase Products 4190936 ENAMEL PAINT,10.5OZ,ROYAL BLUE,GLOSS

Enamel Paints
691344 MFG #: 4190936
Chase Products
29.09000 / ea
Champion Sprayon Enamel Paint, Color: Royal Blue, Color Family: Blue, Dry Time: 8 - 12 MINT To Touch, Voc: 55.6 PCT, Paint Type: Liquid, Flammability: Yes, Specific Gravity: 0.863, 10.5 OZ Can, Finish: Gloss, Surface: Metal, Wood, Plaster And Masonry, For Use On Metal, Wood, Plaster And Masonry Surfaces That Have Been Primed
  • Features
Inhibits rust; Fast dry; Smooth durable coating; Bilingual label; Multi-purpose, interior/exterior enamel dries quickly, provides excellent coverage and durability; Resists chipping and peeling; Cleanup: Mild solvent (mineral spirits, paint thinner); Recoating: Apply light coats a minimum of 15 MINT apart; Handle after 1 HR