CRC® 14077 Minimal Expansion Foam Sealant, 16 oz Aerosol Can, Off-White, 1.2

Foam Sealants
59171 MFG #: 14077
17.41000 / ea
CRC® Foam Sealant, Minimal Expansion, Aerosol Can, 16 oz, 12 oz Net Weight, Composition: Alkanes, C14-17, Chloro, DiphenylmethanediIsocyanate, 9016-87-9 Isomers and Homologues, Tris(2-Chloroisopropyl) Phosphate, 12 to 24 hr Curing, Off-White, Mild Petroleum, 1.2 Specific Gravity, 800 deg F Flash, 15 psi Tensile
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Filling, insulating, sealing, bonding, HVAC, electrical, industrial, plumbing, around electrical outlets, utility panels, ducts, pipes, doors, windows, base plates, joints, cracks, crawlspaces, foundations, spot insulating, touch-ups
Plastic Safe
Stops drafts, dust, moisture, insects and rodents
The low expansion formula expands 50% when fully cured foam insulates to R-5 for each inch of foam
Insoluble in water
Convenient 360 deg valve can be sprayed from any position3326.4 hp estimated vapor pressure
Plastic safe
Polyurethane foam designed to fill, seal, bond, retrofit, insulate and deaden sound in and around cracks and cavities
It forms a permanent, waterproof and airtight bond to masonry, wood, glass, metal and most plastics
Stops drafts, dust, moisture, insect