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Features: UL467 Listed For Direct Burial Applications In Earth Or Concrete, Compact, High-Strength, High Copper Alloy SERVIT Split-Bolt Has Free-Running Threads And Easy To Grip Wrench Flats, Highly Resistant To Cracking And Corrosion, Conductor Type: Run And Tap: Solid Copperweld, Commercial Stranded And Solid Copper, Type D Copperweld, Stranded Copperweld, Type A Copperweld, Installation Torque: 275 IN-LB, Length: 1.54 IN, Cross Flats: 0.82 IN, Width: 0.62 IN
Compact, high strength, high copper alloy SERVIT® split-bolt has free-running threads and easy to grip wrench flats
Highly resistant to season cracking and corrosion, the SERVIT® provides maximum pressure and assures a secure connection on all combinations of run and tap conductors
Highly resistant to cracking and corrosion
Conductor Type: Run and Tap - Solid copperweld Commercial Stranded and Solid Copper, Type D copperweld Stranded copperweld Type A Copperweld
0.82 in Cross flats
14 - 1 AWG of copper tap range, 1 AWG of CopperWeld solid run size (range), 6 - 1 AWG copper stranded run (range), 3 AWG 7 - 5D CopperWeld stranded tap size (range), 14 - 1 AWG copper solid tap (range), 1 AWG CopperWeld solid tap size (range), 6 - 1 AWG copper solid run size (range), 3 AWG 7 - 5D CopperWeld stranded run size (range)
High Conductivity Copper Alloy