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used to provide low contact resistance
Features: These Dual-Rated Lugs Are Constructed From High Strength Aluminum Alloy And Electro Tinplated To Provide Low Contact Resistance, Lugs And Mounting Hardware Packaged Together In These Kits, UL Listed AL9CU Dual Rated Set Screw Terminals And CSA Certified, Ensure The Transformer Feeders And Taps Are Terminated Properly, Plated Steel Cap Screws And Hex Nuts With Captive Conical Washers Or Individual Belleville Washers, Terminal To Bus Connections Are Made Using Proper Hardware Resulting In True Torque To Pressure Performance, Compensates For Dissimilar Metal Expansion And Contraction, Hardware Packed In Plastic Bag, No Lost Hardware Prior To Installation, Includes: (5) 1/2-13 X 2 IN, (6) 1/2-13 X 2-1/2 IN, (11) 1/2-13 Hex Head, (6) K2A31U, (7) K2A40U Terminal, (11) 1/2 IN Belleville Washer, (22) 1/2 IN Flatwasher, Conductor Type: Run: Stranded Aluminum Or Copper, Transformer Kva Rating Range: 100 - 167 KVA For Single Phase, 150 - 300 KVA For Three Phase
100 to 167 KVA for single phase/150 to 300 KVA for three phase transformer rating