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For Indoor Use Only, Copper Or Stranded Aluminum
Features: Clear Plastisol Covered AL6061-T6 Aluminum Body: Saves Time, Lowers Installation Costs, Eliminates Taping, Clear Plastisol: Allows Visual Confirmation That Conductor Is Properly Inserted, Oxide Inhibitor Pre-Installed: Inhibits Moisture And Contaminants From Entering The Contact Area, Range-Taking: Reduces Number Of Connectors Carried In Inventory, Torque: 120 IN-LB, Wire Entry: 1 or 2, Hex Size (key): 3/16 IN, Conductor Size (run - Range): 14 - 2/0 AWG, Wire Strip Length: 11/16 IN, Type Of Insulation: Plastisol, Number Of Ports: 2
Clear plastisol covered aluminum body saves time, lowers installation costs, eliminates taping
Clear plastisol insulation allows visual confirmation that conductor is properly inserted
Oxide inhibitor pre-installed inhibits moisture and contaminants from entering the contact area, range-taking - reduces number of connectors carried in inventory
Range taking reduces number of connectors carried in inventory
Made of AL6061-T6 aluminum
2-Ports, 2 screw
Unplated, inspectable
2/0, 2, 1, 4, 1/0, 8, 12, 10, 14, 6 AWG stranded copper, 8 to 2/0 AWG aluminum