Burndy® AYP250 HYLUG™ AYPO Straight Compression Pin Adapter, 250 kcmil Conductor, Die Code 299 Element A, 0.47 in Dia, Aluminum

Wire or Cable Compression Connector
340868 MFG #: AYP250
40.39000 / ea
The HYLUG™ terminals require simple cable preparation for an easily installed permanent and inspectable cable termination. The terminals are listed by UL (UL STD. 486A) and CSA certified to 600 volts, when applied with the proper tool and die combination. The terminals may be used in applications to 35KV. See each catalog page for UL 35kV listings.
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For aluminum and copper conductors, mechanical connectors in molded case circuit breakers, panel board equipment and meter sockets
All-aluminum electro tin plated design, eliminates possible bi-metallic corrosion and provides the shortest connector length design possible
Permits easy installation in equipment with limited working space
Solid electro-tin plated aluminum plug proper electrical connection made easily
Eliminates how tight is tight problem
Smooth surface on the solid EC aluminum electro tin plated plug, provides greater area contact establishing excellent electrical conductivity
Solid plug has equivalent cross-sectional area as current carrying equivalent copper wire, permits use of larger aluminum wire to connect equipment
Provides flexibility and maximizes the use of limited space eliminating interference between conductors and equipment
Factory pre-filled with the proper amount of PENETROX® joint compound
Burndys oxide inhibiting compound with conductive metallic particles penetrates aluminum oxide between strands and forms an airtight connection
EPDM rubber covers are supplied with each connector and are rated for 600 VAC, eliminates taping
Only (5) die sets install the complete line from 6 AWG to 750 kcmil, lowers inventory requirements and saves money
Supplied in a plastic convenience pack, the cover and connector are kept together and free of foreign material until used
Connectors are clearly marked with catalog number
Provides easy to use information to lower installed cost
For Y35, Y39, Y750 tool, U31ART die, Y46 tool, U31ART die with puadp-1 adapter, hytool Y644HS hydraulic dieless tools, Y81KFT, Y81KFTMBH and PAT81KFT-18V tool
250 kcmil copper and aluminum
Commercial stranded aluminum and copper conducotr type
Electro-tin plated finish
Features: All-Aluminum Electro-Tin Plated Design: Eliminates Possible Bi-Metallic Corrosion And Provides The Shortest Connector Length Design Possible, Shortest Connector Length Design Possible: Permits Easy Installation In Equipment With Limited Working Space, Solid Electro-Tin Plated Aluminum Plug: Proper Electrical Connection Made Easily, Eliminates How Tight Is Tight Problem, Smooth Surface On The Solid EC Aluminum Electro-Tin Plated Plug: Provides Greater Area Contact Establishing Excellent Electrical Conductivity, Solid Plug Has Equivalent Cross-Sectional Area As Current Carrying Equivalent Copper Wire: Permits Use Of Larger Aluminum Wire To Connect Equipment, Offset Plug Design Available In Sizes 2/0 Through 750 KCMIL: Provides Flexibility And Maximizes The Use Of Limited Space Eliminating Interference Between Conductors And Equipment, Electro-Tin Plated: