Bridgeport® 282-DC Conduit Combination Coupling, 3/4 in, For Use With EMT, FLEX Conduit, Die Cast Zinc

158901 MFG #: 282-DC
271.76000 / ea
Bridgeports fittings are engineered to perform better than other fittings getting the job donefast and doneright. Its the inherent functional advantages and consistency of our product along with its legendary quality and service that make our fittings the right choice.
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For joining EMT to flexible metal conduit
282-DC is squeeze type for flexible metal conduit and set screw type for EMT end
3/4 in EMT to 3/4 in flex
3/4 in EMT - 3/4 in Flex
Furnished with 2-way Phillips/Slotted Head Screw