Blackburn® W62-1 Aluminum Service Entrance Wedge Clamp, 1 to 6 AWG ACSR/AAAC/Solid/Stranded Conductor, Aluminum

Overhead Service Entrance Wedge Clamps
28024 MFG #: W62-1
7.94000 / ea
Blackburn® Wedge Clamp, Aluminum Service Entrance, ACSR/AAAC/Solid/Stranded Conductor, 1 to 6 AWG Conductor, Aluminum, Orange, 12 -1/2 in L x 2-3/8 in D
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Dead-End Self-supporting Drop Wire
Drop wire may be cut to exact length for adjustments in drop wire sag. Can be attached to bare neutral at any point in the span. Flexible and rigid bails grip ACSR, AAC and AAAC Conductors.
6 to 2 AWG ACSR, 1 AWG stranded to 6 AWG solid aluminum, 6 to 2 AWG AAAC conductor