Banner Engineering SM312FQD SM312 Fiber Optic Sensor, Rectangular Shape, Infrared Sensing Beam, 1 ms Response Time

Fiber Optic Block Style Sensors
13512 MFG #: SM312FQD
137.30000 / ea
Banner Engineering Fiber Optic Sensor, Series: SM312, Rectangular, Glass Fiber Optic Sensing Method, Infrared Sensing Beam, 1 ms Response, Single Discrete NPN/PNP Output, 10 to 30 VDC, M12 4-Pin Quick Disconnect, LED Light Source, IP67/NEMA 1/2/3/3S/4/4X/6/12, -20 to 70 deg C Operating, Environmental Conditions: 90 Percent at 50 deg C Maximum Relative Humidity
  • Features
Thermoplastic primary housing material
300 us repeatability
Gain (sensitivity) adjustment screw
Alignment indicator device
Light/dark operate select switch
Clockwise light operate (outputs conduct when sensing light is received)
Counter clockwise dark operate (outputs conduct when sensing light is not received)
4-pin M12/euro style quick disconnect cable connection
Potentiometer adjustment
100 ms delay at power-up
4-pin M12 integral quick disconnect cable connection