Banner Engineering SM312D Mani-Beam® SM312 Photoelectric Sensor, Rectangular Shape, 380 mm Sensing, Infrared Sensing Beam

Photoelectric Diffuse Mode Sensors
13436 MFG #: SM312D
137.98000 / ea
Banner Engineering Mani-Beam® Photoelectric Sensor, Series: SM312, Rectangular, Diffuse Sensing Method, 380 mm Sensing Range, Infrared Sensing Beam, 1 ms Response, Bi-Polar Output, 10/30 VDC, 25 mA, Cable, LED Light Source, 53.1 mm L x 12 mm W x 33.3 mm H, NEMA 1/2/3/3S/4/4X/6/12/IP67, -20 To 70 deg C Operating, Environmental Conditions: 90% at 50 deg C
  • Features
Compact, modulated, self-contained diffuse proximity mode sensors
Switch-selectable for light operate or dark operate
Includes Banners exclusive AID™ alignment system
Highly repeatable 1 msond response
Rugged, epoxy-encapsulated construction
Physically and electrically interchangeable with 18 mm barrel-type photoelectric
15-turn slotted brass screw GAIN (sensitivity) adjustment potentiometer (clutched at both ends of travel), both controls are located on rear panel of sensor and protected by a gasketed, clear acrylic cover adjustments
Exclusive, patented alignment indicating device system (AID, US patent no 4356393) lights a rear-panel mounted red LED indicator whenever the sensor sees a light condition, with a superimposed pulse rate proportional to the light signal strength (the stronger the signal, the faster the pulse rate)
Industry standard mounting holes
Both sourcing and sinking outputs (150 mA max. each), continuous overload and short-circuit protected
Stainless steel screws, 18 mm barrel diameter
Protected against false pulse on power-up and continuous overload or short-circuit of outputs
Self-contained diffuse mode photoelectric sensor
Less than 1 uA off-state output leakage, less than 25 mA
Sensors will respond to either a light or dark signal of 1 ms or longer duration, 500 Hz maximum
880 nm Infrared LED sensing beam
Acrylic lens, 90 percent at 50 deg C (non-condensing) relative humidity
2 m cable connection
Reinforced thermoplastic polyester enclosure
Light/dark operate, bipolar (NPN and PNP) output, 150mA maximum each output at 25 deg C, derated to 100 mA at 70 deg C, (PNP output) less than 1 V at 10 mA and less than 2 volts at 150mA, (NPN output) less than 200 mV at 10mA and less than 1 V at 150 mA output saturation voltage